Thursday, December 31, 2015

White Christmas Peppermint Cake

     Lest this version of Rose's cake cake's title be misleading, I should advise that it does not, like Rose's original recipe by this name, contain peppermint candy or extract [instead 1T vanilla]. A peppermint addition comes in the form of ice cream and gelato choices. Also, as accoutrement, there is a simple chocolate ganache with Kahlua from the Cuddle Cake recipe that is offered to pour over at one's leisure. All of this we hoped would please the palates of guests from children to grandparents!
This was an exceptional cake. It was all one could ask for in a feathery white cake, and lends itself for pairing with many fantasies. It was a huge hit for holidays with our family and friends.  Happy New Year to all!                                                                                  ***
For the ganache, Scharffen Berger chocolate 60-62 percentFor the white-chocolate butter cream cake frosting, I used 'Valrhona Opalys' [below] recommended by Rose - a fine white chocolate that resulted in a divine flavor.
I admired Rose's vertical frosting and used that technique
            Some golden sugar crystals added crunch on thisLight and fluffy four layer white cake
Uh oh - the three ice-creams are getting a little runny -- Chocolate Gelato; Peppermint Crunch Blue Bell: and Vanilla with Chocolate Bark had been the requests --- there wasn't very much left to melt now -