Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Woody's Black and White Brownies

Oh My!
            As Billy Crystal said, "You look maaaaaarvelous!"

Mis en Place
Favorite! Rose's double boiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My batterie de cuisine is taking on amazing proportions. I really love my new KA glass bowl and Rose's beater blade!
A Woody brownie.
White buttercream coming up ---

Sick from licking beater -
Ganache --
Rachel, like myself and our other staff, thinks Woody's Black and White Brownies are very high-ranking on our Alpha list of make-again soon!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Perfect Peach Galette

Well, this may not make the cover of Larousse Gastronomique, but I am here to say that at 0200 when it hit the wire rack it was the "Best-tastin' Perfect Peach Galette that-wasn't " as it burnt my awaitin' mouth. I just laughed and laughed because the crust tasted really good, but of course it wasn't flaky, even after resting in the fridge. [The pan was 12 inches diameter].

    This was so good that we got some vanilla ice cream for it, and I did not bring any to work to share! 

These peaches were from Whole Food and some were replaced a couple of times while I got ready to make this galette since they ripened very quickly. I don't even know the peach variety name. I ate one in the store and it seemed interesting so I let it go at that and then got more as needed.

An easy little mis en place - Specifically, King Arthur Pastry Flour, Rumsford Baking Powder and Original Philadelphia Cream Cheese, accompanied by Land O' Lakes butter, apple cider vinegar and heavy whipping cream for the food processor crust. I made this according to the directions with my new Rose's lovely pastry ensemble, rolling pin pictured in white. I neglected to take pictures of the 'rolling out', but from the result picture you can see that the size of the circle did not make it to 16 inches - I was laughing because the size of the space itself in which I was rolling was little more than 16 inches! If I make another galette, I will have to find a larger table. . .

A dip in scalding water and the skins slipped quickly off.
Aren't they just beautiful!  A Perfect Peach.
Mmm - Sugar and lemon added, juices drawn and reduced, with cornstarch added.
Baking away. . .You can see the rudimentary, misshapen crust. 
Oh well, there is also hope springing eternal in the aroma!!