Monday, August 17, 2015

Perfect Peach Galette

Well, this may not make the cover of Larousse Gastronomique, but I am here to say that at 0200 when it hit the wire rack it was the "Best-tastin' Perfect Peach Galette that-wasn't " as it burnt my awaitin' mouth. I just laughed and laughed because the crust tasted really good, but of course it wasn't flaky, even after resting in the fridge. [The pan was 12 inches diameter].

    This was so good that we got some vanilla ice cream for it, and I did not bring any to work to share! 

These peaches were from Whole Food and some were replaced a couple of times while I got ready to make this galette since they ripened very quickly. I don't even know the peach variety name. I ate one in the store and it seemed interesting so I let it go at that and then got more as needed.

An easy little mis en place - Specifically, King Arthur Pastry Flour, Rumsford Baking Powder and Original Philadelphia Cream Cheese, accompanied by Land O' Lakes butter, apple cider vinegar and heavy whipping cream for the food processor crust. I made this according to the directions with my new Rose's lovely pastry ensemble, rolling pin pictured in white. I neglected to take pictures of the 'rolling out', but from the result picture you can see that the size of the circle did not make it to 16 inches - I was laughing because the size of the space itself in which I was rolling was little more than 16 inches! If I make another galette, I will have to find a larger table. . .

A dip in scalding water and the skins slipped quickly off.
Aren't they just beautiful!  A Perfect Peach.
Mmm - Sugar and lemon added, juices drawn and reduced, with cornstarch added.
Baking away. . .You can see the rudimentary, misshapen crust. 
Oh well, there is also hope springing eternal in the aroma!! 


  1. Looks great Joan! I can't tell that the pastry wasn't flaky, from the photos, it sure looked tender and flaky!

  2. Hi Faithy - Thanks for stopping by. It dont even know who is who any more so dont comment on a few pages. You are always here first and so supportive. I appreciate it so much.
    It really tasted great. I would make it again if I can ever master the crust. I have not baked many crusts so am lucky being forced to learn this easy one. Bread will have to wait a year and then I will get a little machine ; )

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  4. I don't know when you sleep Joan! But a plate of peach galette is a good reward for staying up late. I think your pastry looks perfect.