Monday, December 12, 2016

Kouigns Amann

This is a lengthy, multi-tasked recipe. So, first I resurrected my requisite 8 metal rings from the storeroom, but I could not locate a sheet pan of the right size so I used only 6 rings on a smaller sheet pan. I attempted to find the highest fat butter recommended: Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery Cultured 86%. My grocers did not have it, but I did find, and did use, Organic Valley European Style Cultured Butter 84%. This was a good thing. The King Arthur Bread Flour I had on hand as well as Dr. Oetker Instant Yeast and Caster Sugar.

Mis en Place

The instructions are clear  in the mixing of the dough and then it rests for 30 minutes covered.

My apartment kitchen is very small with one door opening and no windows. It is only ~4' x 8'.  When the lights and the oven are on, it is very hot. To keep the butter from melting during these folding turns was almost impossible, but I did the best I could to follow the turning and chilling, and as hot as it was when rolling and folding, frankly I was pleased that it came out as well as it did.


  1. Joan, this is spectacular! Your dough is gorgeous, perfectly rolled out. They proofed really well in your warm kitchen in the rings. Great pics, too. Well, done!

  2. You took them out of the oven at the exact right time! Just what I've been working toward.

  3. Thanks Vicki and Marie!! It was a miracle. If you could have seen the three I threw away, so hot and drenched with butter just oozing out of the layers. It was amazing we got the ones we did. I love the 'Parisienne scorch' and was so glad to have it happen. I feel blessed with this one. But 9 hours and was sooooo tired. But, you know, what we will do ; )