Sunday, December 25, 2016

Triple Lemon Velvet Bundt Cake

   This lovely, special new recipe gift from Rose and Woody was baked by me Christmas Eve for a Christmas dinner present for my friend. 
   The reaction today from my friend after dinner is as follows:

"Your cake is a 5-Star!! My whole family sends thanks. Pictures have been sent to your email. Yum de la Yum!"

     Needless to say I was very happy to see the golden interior!
   To bake this cake, since I do not have an Anniversary pan, or any large bundt, I decided to use my 10-cup wreath pan, and bake 5 cupcakes in silicone along side. 
   The recipe was straight-forward, as Rose's recipes are. I used White Lily Bleached AP flour. After 9 lemons zested, I had collected only 12 of 18 grams of zest so I then also added 1/2 tsp of lemon oil in with the vanilla.  
   The batter was so fluffy that, even with an ice cream scoop, I could hardly manage to get the extra into the 5 silicone muffin cavities, as well as having a hard time smoothing it into the intricate wreath pan, all the while being terrified of taking too long, lest: dreaded Bubbles appear. And so, when I looked through the oven door window, you can imagine my reaction to what I beheld:


   My first thought was, "Now, what am I going to send to my friend for her Xmas dessert?"  I waited and I watched. At fifty minutes it was verrrrrrry brown. I pulled it out, poked it with the wire tester, and syruped it with one-third of the lemon syrup I had prepared.


   After cooling 15 minutes, I placed the cake on the serving tray and brushed the top and sides with the remaining syrup. As it cooled, it turned a dark gingerbread color. I was mystified.
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         It was very dark. I am still  mystified. Perhaps someone can figure out some chemical imbalance?

  Lemon Glaze came together very nicely. The cake cooled, and was wrapped in plastic wrap overnight. In the morning for some reason I tried to pipe plaid bows on the wreath, but wasn't too successful due to my own inadequacy. So, holding my breath, I dusted it with a bare mist of confectioner's sugar just as it left for my friends' Christmas dinner. I still didn't know what color the inside of the cake was. Fortunately her pictures reveal a lovely lemon interior!



  1. Your's is golden. Mine turned out really dark on the outside. The inside looks the same on both of ours. It has such a delicate crumb. I like your piping!

  2. I hope Rose pays attention to us re the temp and time, and will be very interested to see what the other bakers say about their experiences.