Thursday, December 8, 2016

Luxury Chocolate Buttercrunch Toffee

 I took advantage of the experience of our other Alpha Bakers' posts to approach this endeavor. Marie was mystified by the wide range scale of amount of chocolate called for in the recipe and finally decided upon half the amount which was 225g. [divided 112/113g].  From the looks of her results, that sounded good to me! She used brown sugar, but I happened to have some Light Muscovado so that worked out well. The other required ingredients presented no problem. I bought some blanched almonds, and proceeded onward with Vicki's "Happy Stirring" notes ringing in my ears.

I mixed the Light Muscovado Sugar in the pan with the requisite corn syrup, butter and water with a wooden spoon.

I love using my father's old wooden mallet ;  )
Weighed out, chopped, and divided the chocolate to be sprinkled to melt on top and bottom of the hot toffee.

I used blanched almonds and toasted them first. After cooling they were divided into two bowls for tops and bottoms of the candy.

Once this mis en place was complete, putting the toffee together was also simple.

The Silpat had been readied for the hot toffee and it was poured on and smoothed out:

           However, I began at 6: pm and it is now 1: a.m.  Long stirring and constant temp checking was more tiring because I had started so late. Actually, I used Rose's caramel pot and think I would have been smarter to use a larger pot and to have doubled the recipe since I want to give it for little gifts. 
            But all is well that ends well, and the toffee has now been delivered to three happy people!


  1. Bravo! It turned out wonderfully!

  2. I'm agreeing with Vicki…. it turned out "wonderfully". Lovely to see you back creating. ---- Jeniffer

    1. Thanks . I was pretty sick for a while there, March - June, better now ; )

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