Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Red Velvet Rose

When I received an invitation to a party on Christmas Eve I immediately  made a decision to bring the gorgeous Red Velvet Rose cake!

This stunning velvet cake is always loved by all and it is not difficult to make with the help of the marvelous rose pan.


The only problem with this recipe for me is the eternal raspberry-seed removal from the syrup. I have two food mills and even the smallest disc doesn't do the work. I also was given a KA attachment that I haven't even figured out how to use. So, it was once again back to the strainer. Another problem that I always have is the amount of puree that I get. It is never enough. This time I substituted some Tiptree Seedless Raspberry Jam. Hence the sheen.  I guess doubling the packages of frozen sugarless raspberries would obviously be the best answer to obtain more puree. A better food mill might be the answer for the seeds as well, and I would appreciate it if someone recommends one, or better solution. Thanks.

         Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!!!!!

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